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Euro 2012 Final Match Euro July 2, 2012 Spain vs Italy New Update ~ Sejuknya Embun

Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Euro 2012 Final Match Euro July 2, 2012 Spain vs Italy New Update

Good Morning my friend M-Taq. Alhamdulillah, Admin can go back again to upload information, after nearly two months of no activity of any updates. And to initiate updates terposting not so long this time Admin will share about the Final Match Euro July 2, 2012 Spain vs Italy New Update. despite the fact that many already know champions euro 2012 but at least this is his review.
Score 4-0 to the Euro 2012 final match which brought Spain vs. Italy at the Olympic Stadium Kiev, on Monday (07/02/12) early morning hrs. Contributed four goals that David Silva, Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres, and Juan Mata made the Spanish able to reach the 2012 European Cup trophy.

Spain had the opportunity to mature in the 10th minute. Cooperation with one or two Xavi Hernandez and Cesc Fabregas ended with a hard kick Xavi is still hovering over the crossbar thin Italy.

Four minutes later, the Spanish excel. Starting from the hard work to overcome resistance Giorgio Chiellini Fabregas, David Silva can score goals with his head after Fabregas continued feedback. Italy reacted. They created several chances through the corner ball situations. Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas saved from the threat of Daniele De Rossi in the 16th minute.

29 minute, Casillas again be the hero of his team. Antonio Cassano brilliant action of the left side can still stop the Spanish number one goalkeeper. Preoccupation attack, the Italian goalkeeper collapse again in 41 minutes. Through a counter-attack, Xavi thrusting mature feedback on Jordi Alba who ran from behind. Barcelona's new signing with a simple beat Gianluigi Buffon to end the first half with the score 2-0.

At the beginning of the second half, Antonio Di Natale almost attenuate score. Ignazio Abate received a cross, his header flew just over the goalkeeper Casillas thin. A minute later, turn Fabregas the chance that he can throw. Kick players numbered 10 is still sideways to the goalkeeper Buffon.

51 minutes, again Di Natale and Casillas to be an actor. This time Di Natale are faced with Casillas failed struck the ball after a brilliant Casillas read the kick direction. Afterwards, Spain looks more relaxed in the ball. In contrast, the Italians could not develop their game to load their hips.

Italy suffered intensified after Thiago Motta who entered as a substitute third injured. Practical Italian players could not enter because previously Federico Balzaretti and Di Natale has been signed to replace Chiellini and Cassano.

Spain added a goal on 84 minutes. Again, a perfect through pass from Xavi converted into goals by Fernando Torres to come in nine minutes earlier. Hope Italy has practically vanished when Spain scored their fourth goal, this time via Juan Mata. He received the feedback provided by colleagues mature d Chelsea, Torres.

Well, Success for Spain which has been able to silence history. Champions League Final despite the collapse of two giant Spanish club. namely Real Madrid and Barcelona. but now Spain has proven its capabilities as a great team!

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