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Michel Platini brilliant discourse on the new updated 2020 Euro Cup ~ Sejuknya Embun

Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Michel Platini brilliant discourse on the new updated 2020 Euro Cup

Revolutionary idea re-emerged from UEFA President Michel Platini. Again related to the implementation of Euro in the future. This time the idea of ​​organizing Euro 2020 is not yet certain to be held in any country. Platini this crazy idea is to stage Euro as well as in several countries. Not just two states as in the two last operation. But all over Europe.

"Euro 2020 can be held across Europe. It could be in one state and 12 stadium or a stadium in 12 or 13 cities, or even to 24 or 32 cities in different countries," said Platini was quoted by the BBC.
Turkey is one of the first host Euro 2020 favorites. However, doubts later arose because Turkey is also likely to host the summer Olympics in Istanbul the same year. UEFA has not been decided and a new chance to take a decision in January or February 2013.
"This problem will be serious perbincagan. We will make an important debate for the year 2020. Problem ideas, I feel excited, and it will be easier in terms of financially," said Platini.
Previously, Platini has also made major changes to the implementation of Euro 2016. Quadrennial soccer arena will be held in France for the first time bring together 24 participants. That means eight more participants from the two last operation.
In a release last week, Platini expressed plans to add eight more teams to the organization in the country. Additional eight-team, according to him, very likely, and it will make the euro more competitive.
"Implementation of the next Euro will not experience a loss of quality when grown to 24 teams in 2016 from the current 16-team format," said Platini.
"Twenty-four teams, good. I thought it was great. Addition of eight good teams. Quality is not an issue," said Platini.
Then the decision was agreed upon and implemented in France confirmed. According to director Martin Kallen League UEFA's decision to increase the number of participants in a football tournament between nations Blue Continent was not changed. Thus, the implementation of the Poland-Ukraine this time so just follow the last time Euro 16 team.
"Currently, we have the best team in the Euro, but there are some other great teams that can not be played here," said Kallen.
According to Kallen teams like Romania, Bulgaria and Norway into a team worthy of competing in the next Euro. So the decision to increase the number of participants to 24 European Cup team is very precise.
"Scotland is also not there, they've brought a lot of emotion, atmosphere. I'm sure in four years will be more and more people are interested in the tournament, because there would be many teams who competed there," said Kallen.

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